Wotofo – Vaporizer Guide

Wotofo has a lot to offer to e-juice enthusiasts. They are known for their exceptional quality and top notch performance in creating a perfect e-juice experience. Wotofo’s devotion to giving their customers the best product in the market may be one of the main reasons why they are one of the most preferred brands in the industry. Wotofo has created several different varieties of e-juice to cater to different customers from different backgrounds. The Wotofo e-juices have a unique and interesting flavor that some people love and some don’t. Here are some of the benefits you can get when you order from Wotofo.

Wotofo Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA 28.5mm

Wotofo WFTPS Parallel Box Set: Wotofo WFTPS parallel box set includes two identical bottles that have been crafted from the same durable material. Wotofo assures that the products they are selling are of top quality so that you do not need to be worried about the quality. The Wotofo parallel sets come with three different bottles. One bottle has a built in battery, another one features a replaceable coil and the last bottle have a powerful dual heater. It is a perfect starter kit for a beginner who wants to try using an electronic device.

Wotofo Profile PS Dual Cellar RDA: This awesome unit is made by Wotofo, famous for their long lasting dual cleared devices such as the Wotofo Profile. It features a classy glass tank and it is suitable for both sunk and direct dripping system. The Wotofo Profile PS Dual Cellar RDA also contains an elegant stainless steel double pump that is perfectly suited for the entire process of e-juicing. There are various flavors to choose from like blueberry apple, grapefruit, raspberry, and peach. This is the best model to satisfy all your juicy cravings for an amazing e-juice.

Wotofo NeXplorer Series: Wotofo NeXplorer series is another collection of five built in atomizers and three squeaker bottles. It comes with a sixty-five degree adjustable wattage range, dual airflow control and four color choices. The rda mesh can be replaced with an explorer one, which is compatible with all models of vaporizers and humidifiers.

Wotofo WFTPS Series Build Collection: Wotofo WFTPS series build collection is an ultimate collection of five powerful bottles with fantastic benefits. This series includes three bottles with replaceable coils. The bottle with replaceable coils enables you to change your current flavor without having to purchase a new bottle. The bottles include a powerful dual heater. The heaters are located near the cap on each bottle.

Wotofo WFTPS Series Build Collection: This collection features dual atomizer and squonker. It has a smooth dual airflow control that allows you to adjust the temperature of the airflow. The squeakers are also located at the base of the units. You have a wide temperature range from a hundred and sixty-five degree to two hundred and seventy degrees.

Wotofo WFTPS-D Dual Mesh Printer: Wotofo WFTPS-D Dual Mesh Printer is a twenty pack model with a built in dual diffuser. It has a high wattage range of ninety watts to two hundred and fifty wattage range. It has a three-ml capacity fucking bottle with a built in auto shut off system. It has a three color LED display and comes in a white as well as black color.

Wotofo has recently introduced the Wotofo WFTPS-D series, which is similar to the Wotofo WFTPS-A series. The major difference between these two series is that the Wotofo WFTPS-D series has built in temperature and resistance measuring capability with its built in dual-axis thermocouple probe. This probe has an ability to measure the resistance at any temperature level and with absolute accuracy. The Wotofo WFTPS-D series is recommended wattage range for use with the most popular desktop printing processes.

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