The Build Deck of the New Dead Rabbit V2

The original Dead Rabbits product line has been on the market for many years now. It is an all in one e-liquid kit that does everything you need to put together a great e-liquid formula. It comes with the original single Coil and Dual Coil builds that are known for being so efficient. There is a great air flow control that makes this bottle a favorite amongst all who use it. It also includes a built in heat exchanger which can be used to raise the temperature of your e-juice by up to 40 degrees.

dead rabbit v2

The new Dead Rabbit V2 RDA is an upgrade to the original dead rabbit v2 line. This upgrade comes with four extra inches of side panel and two extra airflow control knobs. This upgrade adds a lot more convenience and effectiveness to the original single coil builds. The increase in side panel and airflow control allows for more flexibility in the amount of e-liquid that can be loaded into the bottles.

The major improvements found with the dead rabbit v2 are in the airflow and the size of the side cells. The side cells are much wider and longer and have larger airwaves. The enlarged airwaves allow more vapor and vapors to be pulled into the reservoir. This improved airflow makes the e-liquid solution much more effective in drawing out impurities and maximizing the vapor and vapour mixture. The increased size and airflow of the side cells also allows for more efficient airflow through the entire deck.

Another improvement found with the dead rabbit v2 is the upgrade in the base of the reservoir. The upgrade is in the shape of a cone and allows for an easier time pouring all of your e-liquid into the reservoir from the bottom of the tank. This is much easier than the standard rectangular base of the original v2. Also, this newer model allows for a much more efficient top cap design.

The newest version of the dead rabbit v2 also has an improved cooling fan included with the package. This fan can be adjusted in order to increase the air flow inlet or reduce the air flow out of the inlet. This helps with getting the right levels of vaporization for each individual vaper. The air flow inlets are located on the top and sides of the unit. These airflows are much wider than the inlets found on the original v2. They help with evenly distributing the vapor throughout the entire heating system.

Finally, the biggest improvement found with the dead rabbit v2 compared to the original is the deck design. The deck is now much wider, allowing for more vapor absorption. This new deck design also allows for a more efficient cooling system.

Both of these major improvements help with providing a much more cost effective solution for the original v2. For example, the deck design is now much wider and can better absorb heat for dual coil configurations. Also, there is now an adjustable top side diagonal honeycomb airflow inlet that allows for a very efficient cooling system.

The only major drawback to the original dead rabbit rda build deck was that it could not support the amount of coils necessary to build a working e-juice kit. However, with the new deck designs, the coils are now much more tightly spaced out. This allows for two different voltage options for the coils. You can also now build a larger coil setup using the dual coil configurations. Either way, this deck is an excellent addition to your existing setup and I highly recommend it.

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